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I hope you will find this website informative and helpful. Aesthetic medicine is at the forefront of a technological revolution, and continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Cosmetic procedures are safer, more effective and longer lasting than ever before. Patients and doctors now have more options than ever to offer patients to achieve their aesthetic goals. Non-surgical procedures are quickly replacing procedures that not to long ago could only be remedied with surgery. Recovery is quicker and easier.

 Dr. Joel E. Kopelman, an award-winning, board-certified ophthalmic facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, in practice for close to thirty years. He has the extensive experience and artistic sensibility to deliver consistently excellent results. Dr.Kopelman is specialized in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids, face and body contouring in men and women. Prior to embarking on any treatment plan you will receive an unhurried in-depth evaluation. We want you to be well informed and completely at ease. We believe a well informed patient can choose the best options that fit their goals and life-style. Your questions and concerns will be completely answered before the treatment plan is undertaken. At the time of the consultation it is helpful if you bring frontal close-up photographs so that Dr. Kopelman has a reference point to compare your old photos with your current appearance so that he may discuss your objectives. Your goal should be to enhance your unique features while making you look like a younger more refreshed version of yourself. No matter what treatment you receive at the Kopelman Aesthetic Center you will be personally closely monitored by Dr. Joel E. Kopelman and his nursing team from the beginning to your complete recovery. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. You can be confident that you will receive safe and compassionate care delivered in our office and  adjacent state certified Ridgewood Ambulatory Surgery & Laser Center , a state-of-the-art cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery facility, located in Parkview Plaza in Ridgewood, N.J. Please take a moment to explore the information below to get a better picture of the treatment options that the  Kopelman Aesthetic Surgery Center offers. If you would like to speak to one of our trained staff, we encourage you  contact us today at (201) 444-4499  to schedule a consultation. We look forward to meeting you!  


                         Melt the Fat!



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UltraShape™ Combined with VelaShape™

The New  Non-invasive Fat Buster UltraShape reduces Fat without Surgery now combined with VelaShape III a Non-invasive Device to Tighten Skin  &  reduce Cellulite!

UltraShape is an FDA approved ultrasound technology that is a safe, painless procedure with no associated bruising, swelling, or downtime and which can permanently flatten bulges of unwanted fat  in just three sessions. How does it work? UltraShape™ delivers focused sound waves that penetrate through the skin and selectively targets and mechanically disrupts only fat cells.The overlying skin and surrounding tissues remain unharmed.The treatment is painless, no anesthesia or injections are required. The procedure takes approximately one hour and is performed in an office treatment room.  Following the UltraShape™ treatment you can resume your normal daily routine immediately. Within weeks (not months) patients see a significant reduction in the circumference of their abdomen and thighs. Patients often report that their clothing fits better. Most patients experience a significant flattening of their belly fat ( ~3 inches) after three treatments-spaced two weeks apart. However, Ultra Shape is not a weight loss program and therefore you should continue to exercise and eat a healthy balanced diet in order to maintain the improvement in your body contour. Patient selection is very important and an in-depth consultation with Dr. Kopelman prior to the procedure will allow you to determine if you are a good candidate for UltraShape or some other treatment option. If you are extremely overweight this is not the ideal method to change your shape. Ultra Shape cannot re-contour the body to the same extent that liposuction can however, for patients who are seeking a safe non-invasive alternative to liposuction, UltraShape ver 3 is the best technology available. The latest news is that UltraShape technology has now received FDA clearance to increase the power of the device by twenty-five percent by adding the new U-sculpt transducer to the Ultra Shape device. Now Dr. Kopelman will be able to achieve an even greater fat reduction every time the device is applied to those stubborn fat deposits.In addition, Dr. Kopelman has now added radiofrequency tightening utilizing VelaShape III to his treatment protocol to tighten loose skin, shrink the love handles and further enhance fat reduction following UltraShape therapy. Come discover the latest generation of non-invasive body contouring technology at Kopelman Aesthetic Surgery Center. To discover more about these exciting new procedures contact our patient coordinator, Ms. Anne Lembersky, at (201)-444-4499  to set up a complimentary consultation.

  • Non invasive
  • Safe
  • Simple, Walk-in Walk-out Procedure
  • Minimal Discomfort
  • Minimal Bruising
  • No Downtime or Recovery


 Juvéderm Voluma XC & Sculptra

The revolutionary way to lift the upper part of your face without undergoing surgery. The Voluma and Sculptra are two fillers that  can correct mid-facial sagging related to soft tissue volume loss. A youthful face appears oval and elevated. As we age the contour of the face changes. The midface appears flat, the skin starts to sag, and the cheeks may appear hollow. Juvéderm Voluma XC and Sculptra are two very effective injectables  that can safely lift the soft tissues upward where they began.